Fumbling for the Light



Have you ever found yourself in darkness? The kind of dark day or even a whole dark season when you just can't seem to find light or hope?


We all find ourselves there at some point. And in those moments nothing can sustain us but a light switch moment: a Word from God, a reminder of just how good God has been... a sermon that's right on time.


Through the next dark seaon of your life we hope this book of sermons that God has given to us in some of our darkest moments will help you to find the light!

Within the pages of Fumbling for the Light Ray and Krystle Speller will share some of those light switch messages they've each received along the way through the sermons that God has given them in their own darkness.



"On those darkest days these are the passages of Scripture and the reflections that have kept us sane 

and that God has passed on to the world through us."

Ray and Krystle Speller